The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce will provide leadership for the continued development of a viable economic and environmental climate, thereby enhancing the quality of life for our community, our visitors and our future.


Ross Summers
President and CEO of Branson/Lakes Area Chamber & CVB
Extension 301,

Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

Sharon Rosché
Executive Director
Extension 321,

Member Services

Debi Lipper
Membership Sales Manager
Extension 308,

Emily Sutliff
Manager of Member Programs & Events
Extension 338,

Shelly Vorhaben
Manager of Member & Website Services
Extension  314,

Welcome Center

Iona Harris
Norm Jewell
Bob Starnes
Trina Watkins

Taney County Business Development Partnership

Jonas Arjes, EDFP
Executive Director
Extension 326,

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Cathy Hubert, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Extension 304,

Terri Rogers, MBA
Controller and Director of Human Resources
Extension 360,

Gloria Roberts
Accounting Specialist
Extension 312,


Monica Evinger
Director of Administrative Services
Extension 303,

Aaron McCullough
Director of IT and Facilities
Extension 323,

Connie Guzman
Logistics Specialist
Extension 350,

Mary Jane Rice
Information Services Coordinator
Extension 328,

Mailing Address:


Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 1897
Branson MO 65615

Phone Number: (417) 334-4084

Fax Number: (417) 337-5887




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