The aftermath of the Great Resignation has left top talent in the driver's seat – and business leaders struggling with connecting and empowering their teams. The biggest takeaway from the massive outflux of employees is a need for stronger leadership. Good employees expect their leaders to help them achieve their goals and act as mentors and a source of strength.

Today, we're looking at common mistakes that leaders make – and how to fix them.


Communication That Doesn't Communicate

Some business owners think that a single email or communication once is enough. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Your employees may read an email and interpret it much differently than intended. Therefore, to ensure that everyone is on the same path towards your goals, multiple forms of communication are essential to provide the best productivity. Email is not enough. Some employees process information better when hearing it versus reading it. Email, followed by daily huddles or weekly meetings, and even a one-on-one conversation for those who need it, ensures everyone is on the same page.


Get To Know Your Team on a Deeper Level

Your top talent isn't working for your company strictly for a paycheck. Most workers want to be valued and appreciated, and many aren't just at your company because of the salary. A genuine connection between a team and their leader can create buy-in that increases collaboration and encourages better communication. Your team members likely have insight into how to build a better mousetrap for your company. Listening to their input and valuing their contribution can help your entire operation become more efficient.


Tap Into Your Talent

Identifying great talent and putting the right people in the right places is key to turning your business from performing to excelling. The key lies in getting to know your team and seeing what they offer. Sometimes, you may have an employee who does a decent job in one role but has the talent or drive to excel in another department. When you get to know your team on a deeper level, you can better position your top talent in the most effective roles.


The Best Team Isn't Always All the Best Players

When you're building a great team, whether you're a small business of just a few or a larger one with a few different departments, the overall cohesiveness of the team directly impacts its performance. You may have the best accountants in your city in your finance department, but if they have personality clashes, you won't have the best accounting department.

The personality of the team should be a factor in your hiring process. When you're replacing someone, or expanding the department, don't just think about the skills each applicant lists on a resume, but whether or not they'll integrate and help your team thrive. However, you can't effectively hire for your team if you don't communicate well, you don't know your team, or you don't understand how each member contributes to the whole.



Being a better leader means being a more engaged leader. Talk to your team, but make it an organic conversation, and remember their input. When you get to know the most important people on your team, you gain valuable insight into making them more productive and, therefore, better able to deliver the customer experience you desire.


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