Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB

Board of Directors

December 13, 2023


The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors met Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Chairperson Cynthia Carson called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. Craig Wescott provided the opening prayer.


Review of Minutes – Joe Loth made a motion to approve the minutes of the 2024 board of directors’ November 15, 2023 meeting and the November 15, 2023 meeting of the 2023 board. Brad Thomas seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.


Financial Report – Treasurer Phil Cox reviewed the current financials of the organization. Wendy White moved to approve the financial report as presented. Craig Wescott seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.


Proposed 2024 Budget – Treasurer Phil Cox spoke briefly on the process of preparing the budget. Wendy White made a motion to approve the proposed 2024 budget. Rob Griffith seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.


Ex-Officio Reports – City of Branson – City Administrator Cathy Stepp reported the contract for marketing services with the CVB was renewed for 2024 at the December 12 Board of Aldermen meeting. Filing is now open for municipal elections.


Tourism Community Enhancement District – District Board Chair Dennis Wood thanked all for the work and support in getting the tax renewed for another 10 years. The 2024 budget will be presented to the board this week. Executive Director Elmquist reported tax revenue is off only $85,000 from last year. New finance oversight and marketing oversight committee members will be named this week.


City of Hollister – City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss reported recent challenges with the department of revenue. Hollister is conducting a sewer rate study. A water rate study will be next.


Membership Update – Janet Minor reviewed the report included in the meeting packet. The current membership count is 879. Phil Cox moved to approve the membership report as presented. Brad Thomas seconded. All approved. Motion carried.


Chairperson’s Report – Cynthia Carson reflected on her term as chair of the organization. She thanked all for the support over the year, including staff.


Carson thanked those who are going off the board at the end of the year and recognized the new 2024 directors.


President/CEO Report – President/CEO Pam Yancey acknowledged Jonas Arjes for keeping the organization moving during the interim.


Chief Marketing Officer – Resumes are coming in for the position. We will do our due diligence to be sure we get the right person.


We are currently working on the allowable cost policy with the Tourism Community Enhancement District.


President Yancey shared that she looks forward to continuing to work with the board and Chair Elect Rob Griffith. She would like to see an engaged board in 2024 working toward a common goal.


New Business – Steve Critchfield gave a shoutout to the PR team. Branson, America’s Christmas Tree City made it to Good Morning America! Kudos to Silver Dollar City on their recent recognition in USA Today.


This meeting adjourned at 9: 25 a.m.


Present: Evan Bradley, Cynthia Carson, Mike Combs, Bryan Cossiboom, Phil Cox, Steve Critchfield, Cassie Cunningham, Robert Griffith, Tom Healey, Katie Hodges, Marshall Howden, Joe Loth, Bay Mourer, Mike Patrick, Brad Thomas, Craig Wescott and Wendy White


2024 Incoming Directors Present: Pat Cox, Cole Currier and Paul Satterwhite


Ex-Officio Members Present: Cathy Stepp, Dennis Wood and Rick Ziegenfuss


Absent: Jon Davidson, Raj Patel, Steve Scherer and Scott Skoglund


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